Celebrants for all Occasions Phone 07957 714719 email specialdayceremonies@yahoo.com

Celebrants for all Occasions Phone 07957 714719 email specialdayceremonies@yahoo.com

Celebrants for all Occasions Phone 07957 714719 email specialdayceremonies@yahoo.comCelebrants for all Occasions Phone 07957 714719 email specialdayceremonies@yahoo.comCelebrants for all Occasions Phone 07957 714719 email specialdayceremonies@yahoo.com

Why use an Independat Celebrant?

Frequently asked questions and answers


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Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Why Use An Independent Celebrant for Your Wedding?

The usual way to get married by Civil Ceremony nowadays is in a Registry Office or at a licensed wedding venue. In order for the couple to be legally married you need a Registrar and Celebrant in attendance. The majority of couples use the Registry service in whatever county they wish to marry in and book the services of their registrar and celebrant online themselves. 

The wedding ceremony is standard with three different options for the Contractual, Declaratory and Ring Words. These are chosen from options given to the couple online. The legal part of the ceremony which form the marriage contract are the Contractual and Declaratory words and form about 5 minute’s worth of the ceremony. The rest of the ceremony, including the ring words are not legally binding.

For the cost of the ceremony, which for a Saturday or Bank Holiday wedding can be well over £600:-

· You get the services of a Registrar and Celebrant for an hour on the day. Often they will have another wedding or more booked on the same day so if you’re running late this can pose significant problems. 

· You will be unlikely to know who your officials will be until they turn up roughly ½ hour prior to the ceremony.

· They will deliver the ceremony choices you have made on line and then leave.

· If you wish to get married outside, which is more and more popular, unless the venue has a licensed outside structure, you will still have to go inside the venue with your two witnesses to do the Declaratory and Contractual words to be legally married.

Special Day Ceremonies include the following as standard:-

· The cost of the Wedding Celebration ceremony is £300 or £50 extra if you choose to get married on a Sunday or Bank Holiday.

· Special Day Ceremonies are a husband and wife team of trained and experienced Celebrants with over 4 years’ experience of working as both a Registrar and Celebrant in Norfolk. 

· You will have a meeting with us lasting approximately 2 hours during which we will discuss your dreams for your day and we will offer ideas and options to make your day even more individual and special.

· Once a wedding date has been reserved by deposit you will have us both for the whole day of your wedding for as long as you need us. We only book one ceremony per day and are happy to take on other tasks such as music during the ceremony, cake cutting and general MC’ing at no extra charge. 

· We are available at any time to answer your questions and are happy to make changes to your ceremony up to a week before the celebration.

· We include a wedding rehearsal at your venue at no extra charge.

· Your Celebration ceremony can be a facsimile of a wedding ceremony or we can create a ceremony more in keeping with you as a couple as we don’t have to comply with a legal framework of a standard wedding.

Will We Be Legally Married After Our Wedding Celebration?

To be legally married you would need to have a wedding ceremony at a Registry Office. This can be done for under £50 for an early morning ceremony with two witnesses and can be done at any time either after your wedding celebration or before. 

· You do not need to be legally married prior to your wedding celebration ceremony. This can be done by you at any time at any Registry office. 

· There is no need for your guests to be any the wiser that the ceremony they have attended is not a legal ceremony. That would be entirely your choice to make.

How Do We Ensure We’re Legally Married?

Registry Offices offer wedding ceremonies from approximately £50. This would be for a wedding in an office at a Registry Office with two witnesses at a 9.45 time slot. The basic ceremony is the same as more expensive options but you are not allowed any readings or more guests. As the use of wedding celebrants becomes more popular these weddings are booked further and further ahead so book as soon as you can.

Call your local Registry Office and find out when they next have a slot for a wedding with two witnesses. There are limited slots and they are not offered every day so to get as near as possible to your favoured date book as far ahead as possible, try other Registry Offices, book whatever is available or choose a more expensive time option if you’re desperate to get legally married the same day as your wedding celebration. To find out where the Registry Offices are in your county, go online and google the relevant Council. You don’t have to choose the county you live in.

Remember, your guests won’t be aware that your wedding celebration is not a legal ceremony unless you tell them.

What Do We Gain by Choosing to Use a Non Legal Wedding Celebrant?

· Value for Money – You won’t be limited by more expensive licensed venue options, giving you more cash to spend on things that matter to you.

· Choice – You can have a beautiful wedding celebration ceremony tailored to your personal preferences without the stress of having to repeat words exactly.

· A Ceremony More Personal and Flexiblethan can be offered by a legal ceremony.

· No Time Constraints – We only book one ceremony a day so you have our services as long as you want them and we can incorporate other things such as a certificate to sign, music and cake cutting at no extra charge.

Why not give us a call? There’s no obligation.  What have you got to lose?

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